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Bamboo Flooring Suppliers

The bamboo flooring industry is growing. As demand increases, so does the number of bamboo flooring suppliers that flood the marketplace. It's important to choose your supplier wisely - if you have to replace a low quality floor later that can cost twice as much as buying it new. Needless to say, you will want a supplier that can offer lots of references, and the more they specialize the better - there's lots of value out in the marketplace right now. Make sure you compare apples to apples with regards to thickness, finish, warranty, formaldehyde levels etc. Any quality supplier will be able to provide detailed testing data on their floors shall you ned it.

Part of your decision can be based on whether you need low-quality wholesale bamboo flooring or durable, long lasting bamboo flooring that will retain its beauty. Depending on your situation and budget, your bamboo flooring needs may be different. Consumers with active lifestyles that are looking for a durable floor to live on, architects, or contractors looking for commercial-grade floors and fewer complaints from their customers should stick to the high end products, while those with short term goals for their home or investment properties might want to look at more cost-effective discount bamboo flooring solutions. There are many places where you will find very reasonable prices, here's a good page with bamboo flooring cost.

Like with many products, there is a lot of value found in this market right now. The big box stores no longer have the lowest prices, in fact some of the companies that specialize in bamboo have the best deals (and no sales tax). We've compiled a list of retailers below but remember, especially with bamboo, caveat emptor, you get what you pay for (watch out for anything under $2.00/sq ft is our advice!).

Want to know what companies have satisfied clients? do a simple web search using the words [company name] and "reviews" to quickly ascertain what customers are saying about certain brands, or you can always check the Better Business Bureau page for each brand, that's always a great indicator.

* Direct-To-Consumer Seller

*Ambient Bamboo Floors
(selling strand bamboo since 2005)

Build direct
(selling strand bamboo since 2005)

*California Bamboo
(selling strand bamboo since 2007)

(selling strand bamboo since 2007)

(selling strand bamboo since 2006)

*Eco-Friendly Flooring
(selling strand bamboo since 2007)

(selling strand bamboo since 2006)

*Higuera Hardwoods
(selling strand bamboo since 2006)

(selling strand bamboo since 2005)

(selling strand bamboo since 2006)